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Disinfection expert Jeyam Group ensures safe environment with Danish innovative solution, the MAC500, from Jimco A/S


UV-C & OZONE Solutions for
Industrial kitchens

Solutions for odour and grease control in commercial kitchens through Jimco's patented UV-C and ozone technology.


Solutions for Industries

Unique Solutions For Cleaning And Disinfecting Air, Surfaces And Wastewater.

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Udhayam General Trading is engaged in delivering danish innovative UV-C & Ozone disinfection solutions.

In an exclusive partnership with Jimco A/S, a Denmark-based company renowned for its first air-cleaning unit in 1993, Udhayam General Trading has introduced series of environmental-friendly UV-C & Ozone solutions that could significantly reduce the presence of viruses and bacteria on various surfaces.

UV-C & OZONE Solutions



Air Purifier & Surface Disinfection

Mobile air cleaners for your home, car and business.


Kitchen Pollution Control

Eliminating any odor in the air and breakdown of grease and oil deposits in any larger kitchen or production company.


Industrial Pollution control

Industrial Pollution Control

Unique solutions for cleaning and disinfecting air, surfaces and wastewater

Jimco Product Presentation

Innovations By Jimco a/s

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Large collection of
Granite, Marbles and Vitrified Tiles!


Granites & Marbles

Wide Rage of Granite, Marbles and Digital vitrified tiles Collection



Avail of any size and shape of granite from Udhayam General Trading LLC.

We supply excellent quality granite tiles, blocks, slabs, countertops and customized delivery of granite as per the need and requirement of our clients.


Udhayam General Trading LLC.  is one of the best supplier and dealer of the Imported marble all over UAE in a pocket-friendly price as compared to other sellers.

Digital Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tile is a ceramic tile with very low porosity. Full body vitrified tiles have pigment in entire body (thickness) of the tile. This makes chips and scratches less..

Customer Reviews

MAC500 References from satisfied customers
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Reno Sorensen Læssøensgadens School in Århus

The air cleaner MAC500 was installed in our smoking room that is used by the teachers. And I must say, it has made quite a big difference. The room is 25 m2 and the room has a high ceiling. The air-cleaner was able to clean the air in the room - after only 1-2 hours there is no bad odor at all - despite up to 12 smokers have used the room. Based on this I give MAC500 my best recommendations.

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Jens Peder Hansen Munkebjerg Hotel in Vejle

For some time, we have had problems with bad air in a room where we keep food scraps in plastic containers with lids. We installed an air-cleaner model MAC500 and after 2 days the air in the room had improved and after a week there was no bad odor left. There is no doubt the air-cleaner, which both sterilized and removed the bad odor, was for us a cost-efficient way of solving the problem, and we give the MAC500 air-cleaner our best recommendations.

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Manager Bjarne N. Nielsen Marielund - center for social psychiatry

Marielund is a social psychiatric center. Some of our clients smoke a lot and some are incontinent. This affects our indoor climate with smoke nuisance and unpleasant odors. In a period of 2 weeks, we have tested 3 "MAC500" air cleaners. Immediately, we experienced a significant improvement in our indoor climate with less smoke and odor nuisances. We have therefore until now invested in 20 air cleaners, which our clients and we are very much satisfied with. We give "MAC500" our best recommendations.

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