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Helping to make environment friendly solutions available all over

Udhayam General Trading is engaged in delivering danish innovative UV-C & Ozone disinfection solutions. Also supplying Granites, Digital Vitrified tiles and Marbles.​

In an exclusive partnership with Jimco A/S, a Denmark-based company renowned for its first air-cleaning unit in 1993, Udhayam General Trading has introduced series of environmental-friendly UV-C & Ozone solutions that could significantly reduce the presence of viruses and bacteria on various surfaces.

Jimmy K. Larsen

Inventor and CEO, Jimco A/S

Jimco A/S was also fighting SARS back in 2003, and was awarded with EU Environmental Award for its development of air treatment with photolytic oxidation.

S.B. Sridhar

Director of Jimco India

Jimco A/S specialises in combatting odours and disinfects using patented UV-C and ozone technology to fight the current Covid-19 pandemic situation.

Suresh Mariyappan

General Manager, Udhayam General Trading

Jimco A/S is a boon for this current Covid-19 pandemic situation and we are really happy to work with them as a partner.

about jimco a/S

designed, Engineered and manufactured in denmark

JIMCO A/S is the company behind some of the world’s most unique air and waste-water purification and sterilization solutions.

Since designing its very first air-cleaning unit in 1993, JIMCO A/S has not looked back. Today, the company supplies its products to a large number of industries and institutions worldwide. Its customer base is comprising factories within the food industry, commercial kitchens, waste-water treatment plants, schools ,and nursing homes.In brief, JIMCO A/S undertakes all types of projects – large and small.

JIMCO A/S combines common sense with innovative thinking as the basis of the company’s unique products. It is no coincidence that JIMCO A/S supplies air-treatment units to some of the biggest chains in the world – including McDonald’s, Scandic Hotels, Daloon, Danish Crown etc.

Over the years, JIMCO A/S has been awarded a number of prizes for its products – including the EU’s environmental award, the environmental award of the Region of Funen “Fyns Amts Miljøpris” and business excellence award “Langelands Erhvervspris".​

Authorized JIMCO A/S installers, who can be found worldwide, of course, install all systems and units. At the same time, JIMCO A/S undertakes all types of system and plant maintenance while offering individual service agreements.