Kitchen pollution control


Kitchen pollution control

Odour, grease and oil Reduction

Jimco A/S also offers extensive solutions for odour and grease control in commercial kitchens through its patented UV-C and ozone technology. It removes traditional air filtration issues, such as those related to high chimneys, electrostatic filters, activated carbon filters, scrubbers, deodorising oils, etc.

In practice this means that Jimco A/S offers an easy and effective way of treating air both inside and outside buildings. At the same time, the reduction in air pollution reduces the risk of fire by up to 95%.

Jimco A/S is continuously developing new products to meet the ever-changing requirements of the times. For example, increased focus on the importance of a good indoor climate has inspired Jimco A/S to develop a special air-sterilisation system which can be used anywhere – in kindergartens and schools, in museums, hospitals and nursing homes. In brief, in any place where clean air and the breakdown of bacteria are of material importance.


CERTIFIED BY ETV  (Environmental Technolgy Verification)
Grease & fat reduction between 50-85 %.
Decreased fire risk.
No bacteria growth in hoods or ducts.
JIMCO specializes in odor and grease control in commercial kitchens, using patented UV-C & Ozone technology. Tested and documented by an accredited institute.


The JIMCO lamps are placed in a steel frame, which is installed behind the grease filters in the hood or, in case where this is not possible due to lack of space, in an enclosure immediately above the hood. Exposure to intensive UV-C light and ozone oxidation causes contaminants in the air to be destroyed, resulting in the reduction of odor emissions to the surroundings and no grease deposits in the duct work.
This process reduces the odor omitted to the surroundings. At the same time, a small quantity of excess of ozone is generated to maintain the ducts in a clean condition and to destroy previously existing grease deposits within the duct work.
We recommend that ducts be manually cleaned before installing a Jimco KPC system.

Kitchen Pollution Control

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