Gives automatic Disinfection of Surfaces

Efficient disinfection

Without maunual procedures,Chemicals or water


JIMCO FLO-D® is the first, clean technology enabling pharmaceutical grade surface and air disinfection at industrial scale. Our PLC controlled units can be dimensioned to treat all sizes of areas.
The technology used in JIMCO FLO-D are based on UV-C rays like the rays from the sun. The UV-C Lamps will sterilize the air passing the lamps and produce ozone from the available 21% oxygen without creating NOX.


FLO-D Gives A Automatic Disinfection Of Surfaces
Surface disinfection

FLO-D Technology



30Pcs. 89watts

Quartz sleeve:

30pcs. (in cold storage)

Power supply EU:

3X400V + PE 50/60Hz,16A

Power supply US:

3X480V + PE 50/60Hz. 16A

Consumption :

9 kw

Treatment capacity

Room size up to 1,500 m3


Siemens PLC, Proface color panel


Height: 2,100 mm, Width : 1,200 mm,
Depth : 1,200 mm, Weight : 175 Kg

Why choose jimco disinfection technology?

  • Avoid time-consuming manual disinfection with water and chemicals.
  • Save litres of water by the tons as well as energy
    for heating and drying.
  • Disinfect more efficiently in corners, chinks and
    ventilation ducts, cooling coils and surfaces.
  • Avoid strong chemicals, which have an impact on the environment.
  • Avoid environmentally harmful release of chlorinated waste-water.

Yes, JIMCO can extend the life of fruit and vegetables by reducing ethylene gasses substantially. Ethylene is produced from essentially all parts of higher plants, including leaves, stems, roots, flowers, fruits, tubers, and seeds. Ethylene is speeding up the ripening process and, in the end, it will make fruit and vegetable rotten faster.

The JIMCO technology can also reduce bacteria, fungi, mold, and yeast.

JIMCO’s FLO-D Technology is based on UV-C produced Ozone, which is the natures own way to disinfect biofilm, mold, fungus etc. The combination of UV-C and Ozone leaves no harmful residues and does not make any corrosions on the process equipment and the surroundings.

The fact that Ozone is a perfect trouble-shooter for killing all organic materials including humans, means that ozone needs to be used carefully. The safety of the equipment is the highest priority for JIMCO and has a lot of features included that nothing will result in any harm for humans. Furthermore “Ozone” means smell in Greek, so no matter what, you will always register an ozone treatment and leave the room.

Yes, direct exposure to UV-C light is dangerous, it can cause rapid sunburn and skin cancer. Exposure of the eyes to this UV radiation can produce extremely painful inflammation of the cornea and temporary or permanent vision impairment, up to and including blindness in some cases.

It’s so important that UV-C light is shielded and protected by special equipment, and that’s exactly what Jimco does with all the systems using UV-C light. Safety is the highest priority for JIMCO.

YES – JIMCO’s technology is thoroughly tested and even the smallest unit will eliminate mold, fungi, bacteria, viruses and yeast.
JIMCO’s FLO-D Technology has the FDA, USDA and Health Canada approvals that were necessary to penetrate the markets that they cover. In Europe, it is another story. Because of the innovation and the fact that JIMCO is the first and only company in the world, that has launched a product for surface disinfection by this function and technology, that means that the approval in Europe is an ongoing process that we are working on. In the meantime, there is no problem in using the equipment for surface technology. This process is legal.



Avoid premature wastage of your precious fruits.
Save Money- No need to use so many resources to effectively clean your cold store.
Cleans within a few hoursOne FLO-D® unit is capable of cleaning a cold storage room of up to 1,500m3 within a few hours.
JIMCO A/S has performed tests and analysis, depicting significantly lower concentration of both mould and yeast when using the FLO-D®.
“The results demonstrate that UV-C produced ozone is beneficial to the production environment. In practice, this means that we can keep our exotic fruits fresh for two weeks longer.”



 A true game changer for any poultry operation

Completely eliminate darkling beetles, meal worms, mites, lice or bedbugs from your operations in as short treatment as 24-48 Hrs. After proper cleaning and drying of
houses you can deploy JIMCO FLO-D® appliances which will kill all pathogens, fungi and pest inside the house at all life stages. Cleaner air, lower ammonia to start with will also result in better bird performance. 


  • Even disinfection from floor to ceiling and all nooks and crannies
  • Increase hatching rates
  • Decrease 7-day mortality rate.
  • Sterilizing all tools and equipment in the room
  • No toxic residues - ozone naturally turns back to oxygen
  • Low cost of operation


In hatcheries

Absence of disinfection at farm or egg depot level puts great risk to table eggs which can spend 2-6-days before ending up in washing and disinfection at the processing facility.

FLo-D Technology

Application areas

Food Industry

By simple use of the mobile FLO-D® air cleaners, you will quickly and effectively disinfect and remove unpleasant odors from the air.

Health Sector

By simple use of the mobile FLO-D® air cleaners, you will quickly and effectively disinfect and remove unpleasant odors from the air.

Refrigerated Containers

Disinfection In Reefer Containers & Carriers.

Poultry Industry

Replacing formaldehyde, JIMCO FLO-D® appliances deliver the same disinfecting efficacy without posing risk for personnel or threat to hatchery performance.

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