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Jimco has worked with most industries and helped them maintain a good environment status. Air pollution and water pollution from industries are always a big trouble for the environment, but Jimco is an expert in saving them from these kinds of risks tactically.

Air Cleaning

Using UV-C light to eliminate microorganisms in the air is a technique that has been known for decades. UV-C light reduces the total amount of microorganisms in the room by breaking the DNA bonds in the organisms.

Water Treatment

Depending on the calculated UV-C dosage, a kill rate of 99.9% of all microorganisms may be achieved.Together with the PLC-control, special UV-C sensors developed by JIMCO A/S, ensure that the UV-C light is 100% effective.

Water Treatment

Ozone Flotation and no form of chemical treatment

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JIMCO FLO-P Air-cleaning Units for the reduction of grease and odor from industrial exhausts

JIMCO systems are based on UV-C & Ozone technology that results in the cold incineration of organic matter from a process called photolytic oxidation. The process leaves no harmful residues.


- for the reduction of odor from industrial exhausts.

The FLO-K system does not require a secondary air to cool the primary air to be treated. The process is called photolytic oxidation, which means the contaminated air is subjected to a combination of UV-C light and ozone.

The contaminants in the air are oxidized or cold incinerated. Odors and organic particles contained in the air are reduced to an absolute minimum. The typical reduction in OU/m3 is about 90 – 98%.


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