Portable Air Purifier

Fresh Air & Elimination of bacteria

Environmentally Friendly

Remove Odor Problems without chemicals

JIMCO has specialized in combating odors by using patented UV-C and Ozone technology.
Using UV-C light to eliminate microorganisms in the air is a technique that has been known for decades. UV-C light reduces the total amount of microorganisms in the room by breaking the DNA bonds in the organisms.

Depending on the calculated UV-C dosage, a kill rate of 99.9% of all microorganisms may be achieved.Together with the PLC-control, special UV-C sensors developed by JIMCO A/S, ensure that the UV-C light is 100% effective.


MAC-500 Improves indoor climate,work environment!

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MAC 500

MAC500 is a small air purifier that recreates the ultra-violet rays of the sun inside the machine, which further creates ozone out of the atmospheric oxygen in a process known as photo-lytic oxidation.
The ozone, which is a natural gas, creates a cold burn that destroys viruses and bacteria upon contact. The MAC500 creates ozone levels of 0.04 parts per million (PPM), the same as level as a sunny day, to ensure that the air in an indoor environment - be it at home or a clinic's waiting area - is fresh and free of air-borne micro orgranisms. This further covers various surfaces, giving users additional protection.

No Odor

Permanently solve any kind of odor problem without the use of chemicals.

No Bacteria

Reduces the amount of bacteria, viral disease, mould and fungi and does not produce any NOx.

Easier Breathing

Eliminates the sources of headaches, respiratory problems, fatigue, COPD and asthma.

Easy to Install

MAC500 can be installed high in the room – on a bookshelf, wall or ceiling.

OZ1000 & OZ2000

OZ1000 Eliminates mould & fungi up to 99.9%Not only removes the odor from the air, but also the odor that may remain in fabrics.

OZ With Timer


Designed to sanitize rooms for mold, bacteria, viruses and will eliminate all odors without the use of chemicals. Added to this, it has a timer installed, so once treatment is finished, it will turn off by itself.​


  • Clean physical process without chemicals
  • No negative environmental impact
  • Minimum power consumption
  • High operational security
  • Less Maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Small investment
  • Easy to move